It’s So Hard To Breathe In

Get back in the saddle!And not just because I’m walking through Atlanta’s rich, muggy August air.

This is a time of schedule transition for many of my clients as we all shift from the pace of summer to school and autumn sports schedules. Projects are facing fewer vacation delays, end-of-year sales and revenue goals are coming into focus. Now is the time to gear up, push hard, race to the finish line.


Before you do…

May I suggest a deep breath in? Regularly! I know you’re busy, and your mind is clicking off a wide circle of “Must-Do’s”. Mine is too. Being productive all the time is like breathing out all the time. Sooner rather than later, your brain and muscles will be oxygen-starved.

It was so hard to pause and take a walk this morning and just breathe. No podcasts. No music. No sorting of priorities. Just breathe. Check out the engine. How’s it going, me? This week’s schedule didn’t flow well; it’s Friday and I’m still working on Tuesday’s priority. The weekend doesn’t have a lot of expansion time in the family schedule to catch up on work. I’m panicky around the edges here.

In EOS®, we talk about the frustration a leadership team feels when they hit a ceiling. It’s true for individuals too. My first response is always to work harder, push, prioritize, dig in! (Sound familiar?) Counter-intuitively, the busier you are the more important it is to take a Clarity Break™. It’s best to have a regular time on your schedule where you meet with yourself and get still. What I learned this morning is that it is also important to listen to that quiet internal voice that is saying “Whoa!! Slow down here horsey. You’re going a million miles an hour in five directions; you’re so confused you don’t even know which path to take.” (Yes, sometimes my still, small voice has to talk to me like it would to a 5-year old.)

So I walked. I breathed in. I reconnected with myself. It took all of 20 minutes. I’m clear about what really is important today, and what can, actually, wait. Less panicky, more productive.

Want to learn more about Clarity Breaks™ and a whole system of simple, practical tools to make running your company more sane, more productive and more fun? Let’s set up a time to talk. If our discussion helps you, then perhaps the EOS® Process could be a good fit for you.

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