What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I have enjoyed many benefits from the coaching and guidance I had the pleasure to receive over the past two years.

  • I learned that I must do a better job of Communicating within the company (we now hold meetings).
  • I learned that people feel more comfortable when they know their role (we created job descriptions).
  • I learned you can even quantify “gray areas” such as sales (tracking system).
  • I learned that, as it is human nature to forget, a system needed implementing with all supervisory people (we use day timers to take appointments and notes).
  • I learned that my people’s expectations of themselves were raised and they were gratified to see me working on my skills to improve myself.
  • I learned these things and much more, sometimes grudgingly, and in spite of my stubbornness.

Lynda Martin is a very talented and tenacious woman and I am glad she was ‘On My Side.” ~ President, commercial construction

“As a small business owner, I wear many hats, some of them more comfortably than others. I often perceive the other hats as very LARGE and heavy challenges that have the power to paralyze me, and the potential to either make/break this business. Of course this concerns me, I am not always aware of what I don’t know! But I am hopefully aware that my fear is an indicator that it is time to look for new answers and systems. Your confidence and understanding of money management was supportive and helped me gain interest, understanding and ability to apply the information on a daily basis. I think the first thing that changed was the way I organized my thoughts around sales, productivity and revenues. It’s been a big help! Thanks you for your expertise and continued support.” ~ Owner, business to business telephone sales
“I want to thank you for showing me how to focus on the business part of my company. Being able to manage sales and key numbers as well as my services means I can make decisions with confidence. I have gotten rid of the performance anxiety I had when making recommendations to high level executives. I know the value of my service – and I know what it takes to run a company. I can present, pitch and propose to senior level executives with absolute confidence. Further, as I choose from the business opportunities in front of me, I am doing it knowing that I’ve got the tools to evaluate and choose clearly. These are skills I will use for the rest of my years, skills which have had a profound and pleasing impact in both my business and personal life.” ~ Founder, Media Capture Services
“Our growth and development has been greatly influenced by the professional and caring experience we were fortunate to have had from our relationship. The measurable improvements were gained by having an independent evaluation and involvement of a group of people who: Have a genuine interest in how this business prospered
Helped us to define areas that needed to be measured and documented, so we could uncover some of the boulders that impeded our business. Taught us how to identify and qualify our distributor network…by setting goals and measuring the progress toward those goals with accountability.

  • We have increased sales an average of 32% each year, for the last two years.
  • We have improved the focus on our goals by having regular meetings.
  • We have better utilized budgeting and measuring cash flow needs.

We are forever grateful for your leadership in helping us plan for the future growth of our business.” ~ President, custom flooring manufacture

“For just over 2 years, I worked with Lynda Martin. I found Lynda to be warm, caring, extremely bright, highly motivated and a great listener. What I learned from Lynda is immeasurable:many elements necessary to learn to run a business, including budgeting, the business plan, cash flow, sales focus (marketing), and the undying faith in myself as an entrepreneur, and in my business. If you are serious about learning to develop your business, I highly recommend that you investigate the resources and expertise of Lynda Martin…” ~ Commercial Architect
“This year, our business plan includes an expansion component. With the expertise and coaching that Lynda provides, it is truly achievable. We are confident that we will again “raise the bar” and surpass our business plan.
I whole-heartedly recommend Lynda Martin…I believe at this point, my company has bypassed 2 to 3 years of needless trial and error marketing and selling and has instead focused on real business growth issues and has developed a methodology for goal achievement.” ~ Principle, interior design for health care
“I am writing to thank you for all the time, energy and solid business advice that you have offered our organization over the years. The bottom line is that Jonathan and I would never have achieved the level of success in our company without your guidance and direction. Lynda, I remember that half the struggle of rising to be better business people was that realization. Once we recognized that we were in a sense “flying blind” and needed a real plan, your coaching, insights, understanding, business sense and focus helped us to achieve it. It wasn’t easy, it required hard work, but in the end, it was more than worth the effort. In truth, I cannot say enough. Thanks you again for your efforts and your friendship. Feel free to offer my name to anyone contemplating your services; they may call me directly to discuss our experiences further.” ~ President, outsourced IT services
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance over the past year. I have to admit that the idea of a business consultant was greeted with some skepticism at the beginning, but you have opened our eyes and minds to tools and processes that will make out company great. Thanks once more for all you have done.” ~ VP, restaurant construction
“We wanted to thank your company for all your help in getting us organized and functioning as a team. Several accomplishments stand out because of their long term effect on our company. 25% of the general manager’s time has been freed up. We are more efficient at administration and management. Information flows more freely, decisions are made quicker and direction can be given to employees. Employees are more aware. We now have more defined goals. Members of the team have improved their time management and organizational abilities. Thanks!” ~ Executive Team, equipment remanufacturing
legal-icon“I just want to express my gratitude for your tireless efforts in working with our firm. Since we formed the company in April of 1997, we truly had not sat down and formalized a Business Plan and our hopes and dreams for success. As a small corporation with limited capital and manpower, these projects sometimes get thrust to the ‘back burner’. You very patiently worked with me to develop some methodical practices to insure the success of our business. But you also challenged me to remain focused, helping me develop a written Mission Statement and a current Business Plan.

Thank you for being there when I needed to vent a frustration or share a victory. We have found the advice you gave us immeasurably helpful. Breaking bad habits and learning more productive behaviors is sometimes a real chore! To my own surprise at times, I find myself constantly relishing the advice and practices you helped us to implement.
Bob and I would recommend anyone who wants to increase their ‘staying power’ to use your service. We will!” ~ Vice President, 1031 tax-free exchange service

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