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Our Clients Say It Best…

“What I learned from Lynda is immeasurable: the many elements necessary to learn to run a business, including budgeting, the business plan, cash flow, sales focus (marketing), and the undying faith in myself as an entrepreneur, and in my business. In the just over 2 years we worked together I found her to be warm, caring, extremely bright, highly motivated and a great listener. If you are serious about learning to develop your business, I highly recommend that you investigate the resources and expertise of Lynda Martin."

S.E., Founder, Commercial Architecture Firm
“Our growth and development has been greatly influenced by the professional and caring experience we were fortunate to have had from our relationship. The measurable improvements were gained by having an independent evaluation and involvement of a group of people who
  • Have a genuine interest in how this business prospered;
  • Helped us to define areas that needed to be measured and documented, so we could uncover some of the boulders that impeded our business;
  • Taught us how to identify and qualify our distributor network…by setting goals and measuring the progress toward those goals with accountability.
We have increased sales an average of 32% each year, for the last two years. We have improved the focus on our goals by having regular meetings and we have better utilized budgeting and measuring cash flow needs. We are forever grateful for your leadership in helping us plan for the future growth of our business."

A.C., President, custom flooring manufacturer
“We wanted to thank your company for all your help in getting us organized and functioning as a team. Several accomplishments stand out because of their long term effect on our company.
  • 25% of the general manager’s time has been freed up.
  • We are more efficient at administration and management.
  • Information flows more freely, decisions are made quicker and direction can be given to employees.
  • Employees are more aware of what is needed and expected.
  • We now have more defined goals.
  • Members of the team have improved their time management and organizational abilities

Executive Team, equipment remanufacturer

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