Goodwin Growth Works has a mission to help business owners achieve success on their own terms. Our expertise lies in helping people act upon their core values and principles as they set and achieve professional goals. The result is a more balanced life that enriches a number of bottom lines – profit, personal well-being, family and community life.

As an entrepreneur, we recognize that your sense of accomplishment and stability greatly enhances your ability to compete, to contribute, and to build a company of lasting value. We continuously seek new tools to make running a business easier, including learning and growth opportunities for ourselves.

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A note about our name:
Until recently, our office was located in our founder’s family homestead, the Solomon Goodwin House, and reflects our connection to 7 generations in Dekalb County, Georgia.

The house has endured as the countryside around it grew into the bustling Brookhaven district; it embodies long-term perspective and the ability to adapt and cope with change over time.

Besides – what’s not to like about good – win?





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