Drinking my Own Champagne…

And feeling sparkly!

Drinking ChampagneMy husband says PLAN is a 4-letter word. Many of the entrepreneurs I work with struggle to pause long enough to take this much-needed deep breath.

After a busy season of annual planning sessions for my clients, it was time to take my own medicine. I know, I’m mixing metaphors here, but, honestly, as I started following the annual planning drill for myself it felt like taking medicine…


It gave me greater sympathy for the glazed eyes I sometimes see in my clients! It takes a lot of discipline and focus to go through each step of the EOS® Annual Planning session.

So I stuck with it. Stepped out of my own day-to-day busyness to get above its tangle. Worked on my own team health, dug into how I was living our core values, revisited in a deeper way the Core Focus™ of my business, my 10-Year Target™, my 3-Year Picture™. Reviewed last year and last quarter. Set goals and rocks, challenged my assumptions, got all the 136 things coming at me into one compartment or another (see how here).

It was excruciating. And then, and then… here comes the champagne part… it was fun! Freeing! I quantified the impact I’m having on the companies I partner with to implement the EOS® processes. I saw how my life is being enriched by the work we’re doing together, and by the depth of relationship with these amazing business leaders. I’m living the EOS® Life! Doing what I love with people I love, making a huge impact, being appropriately compensated, and have time and energy for my extended family and travel. One of my goals this year is to see all of my clients fully experiencing the EOS® life too.

After my experience, the bubbly has gone to my head. I’m so excited about how powerful the annual planning session is, now that I have seen it freshly from the inside. So now, if you see me around town talking to someone and gesturing wildly, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

I hope your year is off to a great start, and I wish you all the joys, along with the necessary agony, of creative planning and implementation!

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