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Tensions we don’t even know we have…

Sometimes all we can do, it seems, is carry them. That worry, that constant rumble of thunder in the back of our minds. Does it seem like our best salesperson is disengaging? Will the tests ever find out why our mother has been so low on energy? How can I triage this never-ending flow of issues to be dealt with? Really, can I just go take a very very long nap somewhere?

When news came today that my grandson’s strange symptoms are not Parkinson’s but a rare condition called dysautonomia I cried with relief. In the hall during a break from a meeting. I didn’t even know I was so worried. I had been holding it at arm’s length during the past 8 months of specialists and medical experiments and testing. And practicing positive thinking and bargaining with God and every other possible solution I could think of. But no tears. Not until the pressure came off. There’s a road to walk here that is neither easy nor appealing but so much better than many of the others we had looked down.

This has been a year full of business and personal reliefs that have brought me to sudden tears and shouts of joy. Tension is flowing out of my body, my mind is coming up with clearer answers to problems, I have fresh energy for cutting through the clutter.

It is a shock to realize how much energy has been snarled up in complicated deals, facilities issues, and family changes.

I don’t know about you, but my answer to just about every challenge is to work harder and keep going. Even though I’ve been practicing meditation since I was 11, and know the value of a good workout, those tools often get pushed aside as the workload grows. So do conversations and hang-out time with my long-time friends. Ok, let me just say this – THAT’s crazy!!!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen many of my clients fall into the same trap. Of course, I’ve counseled and cajoled and harangued them to breathe, to pause, to get some exercise, to go play. I thought I was doing better than I was for my own self. This year has shown me how much I need to deepen and sharpen the use of my own tools on myself. A little humiliating…

So what are you carrying around with you that is diminishing your performance and your joy?

I just want to say, with all the heart and nagging and cheerleading power and science I can muster:




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Great Culture = Unexpected Sale

EOS Culture Brings Success!

“Where are you? We miss you! Does your new firm want our business?” Tom, the COO of Erin’s best client at her former firm had tracked her down.

They needed their large volume of data managed accurately and on time, which Erin does spectacularly well.  Tom and Erin had gotten to know each other during an intense project he had led.  She moved to another provider because she didn’t feel anyone really respected her work, and had been with my client just 5 months.  Now, how would a technician who is not a sales person, handle this conversation?  And how would the promise that had led her to change companies be feeling to her after 5 hard months in the trenches?

One of the things I’m most proud of about my EOS® clients is that the system allows them to easily translate the founder’s enthusiasm throughout the whole organization.  In this case, the leadership team had done a great job of building fanatical execution and fun into what otherwise could be pretty dreary work.  Erin was excited to raise issues in regular Level 10 meetings™ when something interfered with her getting her work done well.  Her response to Tom?   “I LOVE these guys!  You’ll love them too.  Here’s Mitch’s contact info, and I’ll give him yours.”  She even told him what their three unique attributes in the industry were.  Pretty good for someone who’s not in sales!

Mitch and his team now have the delightful challenge of integrating a new customer that will add 10% to their revenue – just like that!

His take on it? He, who prides himself on his great sales ability?  “We do all the sales and marketing in the world trying to reach customers like this, and then they come in through a technician because our culture is so good!  Humbling!  Awesome!”

Would you like to build your marketing strategy so that every level of your organization helps you grow clients?  Let me show you how! Contact me for a complimentary 90 Minute introduction.

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