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Great Culture = Unexpected Sale

EOS Culture Brings Success!

“Where are you? We miss you! Does your new firm want our business?” Tom, the COO of Erin’s best client at her former firm had tracked her down.

They needed their large volume of data managed accurately and on time, which Erin does spectacularly well.  Tom and Erin had gotten to know each other during an intense project he had led.  She moved to another provider because she didn’t feel anyone really respected her work, and had been with my client just 5 months.  Now, how would a technician who is not a sales person, handle this conversation?  And how would the promise that had led her to change companies be feeling to her after 5 hard months in the trenches?

One of the things I’m most proud of about my EOS® clients is that the system allows them to easily translate the founder’s enthusiasm throughout the whole organization.  In this case, the leadership team had done a great job of building fanatical execution and fun into what otherwise could be pretty dreary work.  Erin was excited to raise issues in regular Level 10 meetings™ when something interfered with her getting her work done well.  Her response to Tom?   “I LOVE these guys!  You’ll love them too.  Here’s Mitch’s contact info, and I’ll give him yours.”  She even told him what their three unique attributes in the industry were.  Pretty good for someone who’s not in sales!

Mitch and his team now have the delightful challenge of integrating a new customer that will add 10% to their revenue – just like that!

His take on it? He, who prides himself on his great sales ability?  “We do all the sales and marketing in the world trying to reach customers like this, and then they come in through a technician because our culture is so good!  Humbling!  Awesome!”

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Stories We Tell Ourselves

As sales people we sometimes demotivate our own selves by telling bad stories. That can be paralyzing. It can also color our decisions and conversations.

Fair Warning: STOP reading here if you are a fully confident person who never doubts yourself. This will just feel like alien-speak to you!

Sale-Fears-185x300 Usually our story goes something like this ”Gosh, George seemed so interested in working with me, and now he’s not calling me back. Guess he didn’t like the price… or the timing… or, gulp, me!” Cue a bit of whiny music here. But it’s often not about us – it’s about them – shocking idea for a sales person right?? Turns out George’s mother got sick, or his prospect hit him with a hard deadline. Our job is to re-presence George to the tremendous value he’ll get, to the vision he saw about how his life could be better if he signed on with us.

I was reminded of this today when a former client called today. Guess I’d kind of given up on hearing from him. Felt a bit like a stalker. But I felt so connected to this guy, and really just wanted to find out how things had been going with him. After a few months (yes, months) of occasional calls and emails with no response I had a storyline going about how disappointed he was that he had ever worked with me, must have woken up one day and realized what a waste of money it had been, or, maybe I’d said something that last phone call that was too confrontive. Wrong wrong wrong. Happy face!! It was all about the project he’d been buried by. And the best news – because I picked up the phone with a smile on my face and banished my stories – he’s coming back as a client as soon as we can work out the details!

Watch out for those stories! Save the scary stuff for your next campfire.


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