Data Overload?

Have you ever noticed that in a given day more comes at you than any human being could possibly handle?

If you are a leader in a small to mid-sized company, you are probably wearing so many hats you can even forget which one you’ve got on at the moment! Gino Wickman, who wrote Traction: Get A Grip On Your Business, discovered that if the leaders of an organization get strong in Six Key Components™ they will find the 137 things coming at them every day begin to develop into a manageable challenge. In previous articles, I’ve talked about how to strengthen the Traction, Vision and People components. Now let’s turn to two of the less sexy but essential underpinnings of any successful company: Data and Process.

Du Bois Quote



I’ve watched so many clients come into good relationship with the key numbers of their company. It gives them the data they need to make decisions about what’s most important to do today, tomorrow and next week. Once you have right numbers identified, and a simple but accurate way to collect them every week you’ll be amazed at how much more in control you’ll be. They become the rudder you use to steer your ship – and as everyone you work with learns their key numbers, your whole team will put their effort in the same direction. Then – pure magic!

Next up: Process (bet you can hardly wait!!)

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Building Your Business With The Right People

Have you ever heard someone say “It’s so hard to find good people?”

It always reminds me of this old Zen story.jA wanderer approached an old man sitting outside a village.

“What are the people here like?” the wanderer asked.  “Is this a good place to live?”

“What were the people like in your last village?” the old man replied.

“Lazy, disrespectful, and hard to get along with.”

“You will find the same here.”

Disappointed, the wanderer went on her way.  Soon, another wanderer approached.

“What are the people here like?” the wanderer asked.  “Is this a good place to live?”

“What were the people like in your last village?” the old man replied.

“Honest, hard-working, friendly – I hated to leave there.”

“You will love it here because you will find the same kind of people.”


To build an extraordinary company, it takes extraordinary people. Yet every competing company draws from the same population – how do some companies create an environment where seemingly ordinary people do great things?  It’s very simple:


  • Know your vision and values
  • Communicate them passionately and often
  • Set clear expectations
  • Hold people accountable, starting with yourself


I didn’t say easy! But I promise if you do those four things, you will attract and keep great people. The not-so-great will select themselves out of your organization. You’ll find your village one you hate to leave at the end of the day!

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SAVE THE DATE – Business Owners Event

Business Owners Event

Learn how to:

  • Crystalize your vision & get everyone on the same page
  • Gain tremendous traction by building discipline & accountability
  • Create a healthy, functional & cohesive leadership team & company
  • Implement growth-oriented leadership in your organization

Contact Us for more details about this fun filled evening

Thursday, May 1, 2013

 In this dynamic presentation, Lynda will introduce the Six Key Components™ of successful businesses and arm attendees with a set of simple, proven tools which can be implemented immediately. Attendees will learn:

  • How to crystalize their vision and get everyone on the same page, going in the same direction.
  • Tips to gain tremendous traction by building discipline and accountability into the organization.
  • Ways to create a healthy, functional and cohesive leadership team and company.

Lynda Martin - Business CoachingAttendees will learn how to assess their particular organization and apply tools to focus all energy and resources to have the greatest impact, eliminate chaos and complexity and create clarity and simplicity. This real-world, proven system will equip attendees to get the most out of their businesses and is based on the book “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.” Each attendee of the training will receive a copy of the book.

For more than three decades, Lynda has been helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams succeed. She uses real world experience and leadership insight to help organizations implement growth-oriented leadership in their organization.

Contact Us for more details


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Do You Have a Vision For Your Business?

Business vision & direction“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there” said the Cheshire Cat to Alice.

That’s the essence of why taking the time and energy to set a vision matters.

The quote is actually a popular paraphrase – here’s the full conversation.

Does this reflect how you and your team talk about where the company is going?


“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” asked Alice.

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.

“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”


You’ve probably never thought of yourself as a Cheshire Cat, but to your team you may have all the mystery of that lingering smile hanging in the air. Take the time to get really clear about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

You’ll focus the great human energy around. EOS has a simple form with 8 questions that we use to help a team get quickly to their unique clear vision.  We see dreams become reality when the whole organization gets going in the same direction on the same road! Book a complimentary Strategy Session today.


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Getting Traction® in Your Business

When someone says “I’ll take care of it”, and you know they will, it’s a wonderful moment. What would it be like if you knew that about everyone in your organization?

This is where the rubber really meets the road, or, the key component we call Traction®. With any group of people, we always start our work here, because, after all, Vision without Traction®, is a mirage that is always just a little further down the road.

EOS coaching

Use the Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS) to strengthen these 6 Key Components™ and your business will soar!

For so many of my clients, holding people’s feet to the fire is a slippery business. First of all they find it hard to confront their partners, their vendors or even employees about what did not get done. Then, when they do make the effort, they often find that there has been a misunderstanding about what was expected. The result: missed deadlines, confusion, and hard feelings.

My two favorite tools to overcome this?

• Get in a rhythm of communication – yes, that means regular meetings – where results are reviewed and issues get solved. EOS™ has a Level 10 Agenda that is a brilliant tool.
• Use an active listening technique called echoing. After describing what you need to an employee, ask them to tell you what they heard. Sounds silly, but if you’re like most of my clients, you’ll be amazed at what a simple, perfectly clear instruction (your view!) has become in the mind of your listener! Try it with your partners too!

Looking for more tools to run your business? Contact us for a complimentary Strategy Session!

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The Five Business Frustrations

Business coachingWhen you take a minute to think about what you are getting out of your business, does it meet the dream you had when you started out?  Do you think it will get there this year?  Or in five years?  Or are you completely absorbed by one of the five most common frustrations?

  • No control over your time, your market, or your company
  • People just don’t do what you ask them to – employees don’t seem to understand what you want, vendors drop details, customers don’t listen
  • There’s not enough Profit, especially for how hard you work
  • You feel Stuck – growth seems to have hit a wall
  • Flavor of the month – you’ve tried some quick fixes and highly recommended solutions but you’re still not getting where you want to go.

I hope it’s of some comfort to know that leaders of growing companies have a lot of these frustrations in common

You are not alone!

The really good news is that these are symptoms that can be addressed.  There are a few simple (I didn’t say easy!) things you can do.

First, realize it starts with YOU: this business is your responsibility.  Shift away from your focus on the frustrations and lead the way to focus on what you will create.  Then you can change how you’re doing things in a way that will help you get a grip on your business.  But how?

First, ask yourself how well you and your team do three things:

  1. Vision – Is everyone in the company clear about where you’re going and how you will all get there?
  2. Traction® – Is everyone disciplined and accountable for making the vision real?
  3. Healthy – Are the leaders open and honest?  Do they form a functional, cohesive team?

If your answer to those questions makes you wince, you may want to take a new approach.

The key is to put your business on one “operating system” that gets all the moving parts working together to deliver your service or product seamlessly to delighted customers.  Help your team become strong in the Six Key Components™ – Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction®.  Explore our website or contact us for more information.



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Clarity Break™ Thought


Three Impactful Words

3 drops clarity break 19326851_mWe’ve just passed the halfway point of 2013, and here are a couple of thoughts to help you finish the year strong. The average growth rate across all U.S. small businesses last year was 8 percent, according to Libby Bierman, an analyst at Sageworks. I’m proud to say that my clients’ average growth rate for that same period was 18 percent. You might be interested to know that there is a specific reason for this, and it’s three words.

At EOS™ Worldwide, we are obsessed with these three words, and we apply them to everything we do internally as well as externally with our clients to achieve the results that we achieve.

I urge you to ponder these three words during your next clarity break and consider how applying them to your organization might have an impact. They are as follows:


People who value being real are people who are authentic and surround themselves with people who are also genuine and authentic. They lower their guards, are comfortable being themselves with no facades, are capable of being vulnerable, and admit their weaknesses. This typically leads to an environment that is more open and honest, where things move faster.

The opposite are people who subscribe to the philosophy of “never let ’em see you sweat.” They pretend that they are bulletproof, their guards are always up, and they feel that they always must have the answers. This typically leads to a more artificial environment, where things are bureaucratic and political.

Are you being real?


People who value simplicity are people that believe less is more, love reducing things to their bare essentials, and love rooting out and eliminating complexity. They believe in the 20/80 rule, subscribing to a philosophy of only doing the high-gain 20 percent activity that achieves 80 percent of the results and saying “no” more than they say “yes.” This typically leads to getting more done in less time with less effort and higher profits.

The opposite are people who are highly intellectual, love hyper-analyzing everything, love trying everything, love complexity, and are offended by simplicity. This can lead to organizational indigestion and analysis paralysis.

Are you keeping it simple?


People who value results are people who don’t waste time. All of their actions are in alignment with their goals. They make sure that everything they are doing (meetings, conversations, action items, and projects) are in sync with the objective. This typically leads to a high level of achievement and satisfaction.

The opposite are people who are afraid to measure, fear accountability, and tend to go through the motions. This typically leads to finger pointing, mediocrity, and “everyone gets a trophy” environments.

Are you focused on results?

I hope being real, keeping things simple, and focusing on results gives you something to think about for your organization–and life, for that matter. Let us know if we can help.

We are at the halfway point! Finish strong and outpace the national average. Fill out the organizational checkup to make sure you are firing on all cylinders.



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Never enough time!

Save-Time-Set-PrioritiesIt’s about ENERGY and PRIORITIES, not TIME!

My client had to dig out after grappling with a medical situation, and couldn’t spend even a day sorting things out.   No time to implement a whole process of time management (yes, ironic, I know).  This is what we did instead.  Simple but effective.

Lynda’s stripped down, KISS way to Master Time


1. Take good care of yourself (add one new good habit this week).

2. Set just one non-reactive priority today, do it, celebrate it!  Build up to 3, then 5 a day.

3. Spend 30-45 minutes planning your week.



4. Spend 30-45 minutes to plan your month.

5. Take 1 day a year to connect with your deepest priorities.  Write them down.  Review them during #4.

I promise, if you just start with those 3, things will begin to unsnarl.  It did for her!

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Where is it again that you’re going?

Clients are reflecting on goals at this time of year – seems to happen quite naturally. So I’m hearing a lot of heartfelt thinking about “what am I accomplishing?” ”what keeps me going?” and “what is the bigger picture for my business?”

There’s been a lot written about purpose for people in business, from Stephen Covey’s brilliant synthesis of everything ever written about being “highly effective” to EMyth’s “primary aim.” All agree that, in the long run, knowing what you want is really important, and that once we’ve gotten to a point of some economic and professional stability, deeper questions of purpose kick in. When times are rough it is especially important to remember a larger purpose. If we’re on a particularly difficult trail, the image of the mountain top will help keep us going even if, right now, the actual peak is hidden from view. Success is different for everyone – its important to be very clear about what you’re working so hard for.


This is a good time to reflect on what we really want to accomplish in 2012. To step back from the day-to-day demands, from the to-do lists, and imagine the mountain peak. As a first step, it’s okay to be random and wild – allow images or words that don’t seem to relate to business, or crazy ideas that do, live for this time. Write them, draw them, feed them, learn about yourself and your dreams for your business. Now is a good time for dreaming. Later we’ll talk about giving it form.

Have fun dreaming about your mountain top!


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